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Yogurt cheesecake

Yogurt cheesecake

package of drinking yoghurt TM Shchedryk "Raspberry"

400 g of "Nadugi" cheese

packing of gelatin (25 g)

100 g of sugar, powdered sugar or honey

raspberry topping TM Shchedryk

frozen berries

For a sand mold (optional):

200 g of soft biscuits to taste

150 g of butter TM Shchedryk.


Stir yogurt with cottage cheese, or beat with a mixer until a fluffy mass. Add sweetener to taste and whisk again. Pre-filled with cold water, dissolve the gelatin in hot water or in a water bath. Add the cottage cheese and yoghurt mixture and stir. The finished mass carefully pour into a mold with removable bumpers (or silicone or the laid with food film). If you want to do with the base, simply crumble the cookies in a blender, pour the melted butter and the finished mixture tamp on the bottom form under the cottage cheese and yoghurt mass. Put in the fridge to pour. Decorate the cake with berries, pour over topping.

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