Features of LTD "Agropererobka" and TM "Shchedryk"

All dairy products made exclusively from milk, without harmful additives!

We produce natural and healthy product.

The company started production of fillers, syrups and toppings first in Ukraine!

Our clients

Powerful manufacturers of ice cream

Rud, Hladoprom, Svitays

Manufacturers of dairy products

Plant in Khmelnitsky, Poltava, Ichnia, Chuguyiv

Successful confectioners and bakeries

Ariant, Vatsak, Radivilivhlib, Suite K, HZKV

Large supermarkets

Auchan Ukraine megastore, Vine Hall

Network of restaurants, cafes and pizzerias

Felicita, a network of "Buffet" in Kharkov, Subway Food tea World Lviv Chocolate Workshop

Our natural dairy products are represented in the conceptual network "Ekolavka» Lviv (9 points of sale). Also in Volyn networks "Meat Hut" and "Sity Tato" with environmentally friendly bio-products.

The company has international certificates ISO — 22000 for food safety and management 9001.

Prices for brand shops are formed exclusively by customer's potential customers, that is - from the manufacturer, without a middleman markups.

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