Snack "Christmas balls"

Snack "Christmas balls"

120 g of cooked chicken

1/2 red and yellow sweet pepper

120 g of cottage cheese "Naduhy" TM Shchedryk

120 g of feta cheese TM Shchedryk

5 garlic teeth

100 ml of cream 10% TM Shchedryk or 3 tbsp of sour cream TM Shchedryk

70 g of chopped walnuts

herbs (dill, parsley, to your taste)

100 g of toasted sesame seeds

salt and pepper

lettuce leaves to decorate


Finely chop the chicken, feta mash with a fork, mix with cream cheese and cream (or sour cream). Pepper chop into small cubes, crush the garlic. All prepared ingredients put in a bowl, add the walnuts, salt to taste and mix well. Divide the mass into three parts. From the mass of curd balls shape, drag one of the generously with sesame, another - in the paprika, the third - in the finely chopped greens. Ready balls lay on a plate with lettuce leaves in a random order.

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