Uniqueness of TM Shchedryk motivates us to actively develop a network within our capabilities, so the number of stores and sales outlets are constantly growing.

Please choose oblast’ (region)of location of our products sales points:

Khmelnytskyi Oblast


Sales points
  • Shopping Center. Department "My Sausage", Netishyn, street Independence, 22

Kiev Oblast


Sales points
  • Sell point «Eco-Lavka», Pushyna street, 25
  • Shop «Mr. Patsyuk», Ovrutka, 18
  • Магазин "Zьижа", Kyiv, street Voskresenska, 14 D


Sales points
  • Store «Sitiy», Irpin, street Hryhoriy Skovoroda, 11/5

Lviv Oblast


Brand stores
  • Branded shop ТМ «Shchedryk», Doroshenka street, 29
Sales points
  • Shop "Native Market", Lviv city. street Kropyvnytskyi, 8


Sales points
  • Shop "Natural delicacies", Rudno, street Vladimir the Great, 1A

Rivne Oblast


Brand stores
  • Brand store ТМ «Shchedryk», Kn. Romana street, 3 (near the supermarket "Novus" and market "Northern")
  • Branded shop ТМ «Shchedryk» , Bukovynska street, 3 Housing Estate «Vyhovsky»
  • Shop ТМ «Shchedryk», Hetmana Polubotka street, 6-8 (near the keys making shop)
  • Shop №1 TM «Schedryk», Y. Hashek street, 120
  • Shop ТМ «Shchedryk», Hetman Sahaidachny street, 3 (on the Central food market near the meat pavilion)
  • Branded shop ТМ «Shchedryk», Vidinska street, 33
  • Shop ТМ «Shchedryk», street Jubilee, (Jubilee market)
Sales points
  • Shop «Chili», Dvoretska, 5, Rivne
  • Supermarket «Nash kraj», Popovich, 9, Rivne
  • Supermarket «Nash kraj», Doroshenka, 84A, Rivne
  • Supermarket «Nash kraj», Karnauhova, 31, Rivne
  • Supermarket «Nash kraj», G. Bezruchka, 5, Rivne
  • Store «My place», Dachna, 1A, Rivne
  • Shop "Peasant", Rivne, street Prince Vladimir, 109
  • Shop "Chance", Rivne, street Koroleva, 5
  • Store "At the neighbor", Rivne, street A. Melnik. 6a
  • Shop "Captain", Rivne, street Soborna, 229
  • Supermarket "Kopeyka ", Rivne, street Pushkin, 40
  • Supermarket «Food market», Rivne, street Soborna, 442
  • Supermarket «Torba», Rivne, street Kyivska, 67
  • Supermarket «Torba», Rivne, street Verbova, 41 A


Sales points
  • Shop «Products», Lesi Ukrainky street, 2e, mini-market (yellow sign)


Sales points
  • Shop «Hliborob», B. Khmelnytskoho, 23, Zdolbunov


Sales points
  • Supermarket «Dobrobut», Khmelnytskoho, 3B, Kvasyliv,


Sales points
  • Store "Meat Products" , Sarny, street Suvorova, 7
  • Supermarket "Sam Market", Sarny, street Kovelska, 10
  • Supermarket "Sam Market", Sarny, street Privokzalna, 29
  • Supermarket "Sam Market", Sarny, street Pushkin, 1
  • Supermarket "Sam Market", Sarny, street Belgorodskaya, 31


Sales points
  • Store "Meat Products" , Klesоv, street Central, 7

Volyn Oblast


Brand stores
  • Kiosk TM «Shchedryk», market "Northern" Str. Gordiyuk, 49, booth 139
  • Branded shop ТМ «Shchedryk», Volia avenue, 22a
Sales points
  • Shop «Meat house», Volodymyrska street, 20
  • Shop «Trostianetsky sausages», street Hrushevsky, 16
  • Shop "Farm", Lutsk, street Kravchuk, 14


Sales points
  • Shop «Meat house», Kovelska street, 77
  • Shop «Meat house», D. Halytskoho street, 8


Sales points
  • Shop «Myasna Hata», Peremogy avenue, 1


Sales points
  • Shop «Meat house», Independence street, 142
  • Shop «Meat house», Lesia Ukrainka Boulevard, 30

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