Meat canning

Meat canning

Canned meat has many advantages over fresh produce. It is more affordable and versatile, but no less tasty and healthy than regular meat. Meat canning of TM "Shchedryk" was created during the war specifically for the assistance of the Armed Forces, humanitarian aid and procurement of products for a long time. Our conservation is useful, and most importantly, it can be stored in bomb shelters.

Hermetic packaging is focused on long-term storage, so the stock of canned meat will be appropriate at home and on vacation, and now there is also a good opportunity to make stocks given the potential shortages of food due to the war and significant price increases in autumn.

Why you should have meat canning TM "Shchedryk" at home

Shchedryk TM offers canned meat from selected pork and chicken meat, which is shredded on special equipment, supplemented with spices for excellent taste and, importantly, sterilized in autoclaves, which guarantees quality and long-term storage.

This range allows you to eat a variety, so the dishes do not get bored. Canning can be used for cooking first or second courses, frying or other heat treatment options.

The canned meat presented in our online store uses only high-quality and selected pieces of meat, so you can undoubtedly feed your family. Canned food is stored for a long time, does not require special conditions, and does not lose its useful properties. You can place them in the refrigerator, on the balcony or even on the shelves in the closet.

Canned meat porridge is a natural and tasty product that is easy to use. Canned meat porridge can be stored for a very long time, it quickly satisfies hunger and provides energy. This finished product can be eaten without cooking, just heat it in a pan or microwave.

Buy meat preservation from Shchedryk TM

Shchedryk TM is one of the best producers of canned goods in Ukraine. Today we present 2 lines of canned meat: canned meat and meat porridge. The product is ready to eat, but you can also add it as an ingredient in soup or any other dish. The canned meat presented on our website is made in strict accordance with high standards of quality and sanitary safety. Thanks to recipes with natural ingredients, useful and nutritious substances are preserved in meat. Prices for canned food depend on the type of product and the size of the order. We cooperate with OVA and further with ODA.

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