Certificates and awards

We are socially responsible enterprise where management and staff take care about the safety of our customers and consumers. We are the company is certificated according to the international standards ISO. In addition, our product quality and professionalism of staff is constantly confirmed by awards and diplomas.

The goal of production under the trademark "Shchedryk" - is exceptional naturalness of products, maintaining the best traditions and permanent quality control. A personal approach and concern for everyone - this is our philosophy.

ISO Certifications

International Organization for Standardization - is an international organization, the purpose of which is the ratification developed by joint efforts of delegates from different countries standards.

ISO organization was founded February 23, 1947 twenty-five national organizations for standardization as the coordinating body.

For customer and consumer ISO is a guarantee of quality work and products. This document which increases the competitiveness of the company and proves that it is the best among others.

Certificate of ISO 9001: 2008

Certificate of ISO 9001: 2008

Quality Management System (ISO 9001: 2008) is a set of interrelated processes, creating a more advanced model of management of the company to ensure its effectiveness, leaning on leadership and management skills of staff and lead to mutually beneficial relationships with suppliers.

The certificate ISO 9001 ensures that all production processes function at work, are clearly coordinated and under the control of leaders processes.

Certificate of ISO 22000: 2005

Certificate of ISO 22000: 2005

The system of food safety management ISO 22000: 2005 harmonized standards for quality management, environmental management and certification adapted to the first standard which was published in 2005 establishes uniform requirements for HACCP.

The certificate ISO 22000 ensures that products which we produce under TM Shchedryk is absolutely safe for consumption and manufacturing process is carefully controlled throughout the production chain, from delivery to complete sales in retail outlets.

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