The history of the creation of the company network, we started in 1998, when opened the first kiosk on the Central Market of Rivne. The first store was our point (the same year), located next to the production facilities of agro-processing company.

The history of conceptual brand shops has its origins in 2014 in Lviv. Then we opened our first store in the city center and have launched the development of a modern network, such as it is now. After we opened another shop in Rivne, then new in Lviv. Afterwards several kiosks in Kiev and the company store in the new residential area of the city.

Ambitious plans while working on the development of "Schedryk" in Zhitomir and Kiev. Our products are known and loved all over Ukraine, recognizing that often pass from natural goodies "Schedryk" carriers in a variety of cities and towns.

Therefore, the opening of a corporate store or the point - is the guarantee of ready customer base and grateful customers. Start your successful business with us.

Terms of franchise

(32,2 КБ)

Sincerely, TM "Schedryk"

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