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Cheese cake without baking

Cheese cake without baking

For basics

400 g of peanuts

200 g of honey

2-3 tbsp of oatmeal

ground cinnamon to taste

For cheese mass

1 kg of cottage cheese "Naduhy" TM Shchedryk

25 g of gelatin

200 g of honey

3-4 of sweet yogurt 3.5% TM Shchedryk


Fry nuts in a dry pan, grind in a blender, add oatmeal, honey, cinnamon and mix thoroughly. Put to the bottom of the form. Dissolve gelatin in 200 ml of warm water, let the swell, mix with cottage cheese and honey, add the yogurt and whisk well to the formation of a lush mass. Put the cheese mass at the base and place in refrigerator for several hours. We recommend feeding cranberry sauce TM Shchedryk.

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