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Light yogurt cake

Light yogurt cake

300 g of natural yoghurt TM Shchedryk

300 ml of milk TM Shchedryk

1 tbsp. of lemon juice

1 tbsp. of cocoa powder

sugar to taste

Filler TM Shchedryk with pieces of fruit and vegetables of your choice


Gelatin pour with milk, leave for 10-15 minutes. Heat the milk, do not boiling, stir constantly until the gelatin has melted. Remove from heat and let the mixture cool. Yogurt room temperature whip with a mixer, add sugar (although our yogurt and so sweet) and lemon juice. Continue whisking until smooth. Pour in the milk mixture to the gelatin, a very thin stream, stirring constantly. Continue whisking the mixture. ¼ of the yogurt mixture separate, and to the one that remains, add cocoa powder (sifted). Mix well, pour into a mold and place in the freezer for 15 minutes. Remove the form, pour on top of the mass with the yogurt, the rest and put the cake to the refrigerator until fully cured. We recommend to cover the filler layer with slices of berries and fruits Shchedryk of your choice! Choose your flavor among our diversity - apricot, pineapple, banana, cherry, kiwi, berry, raspberry, peach, strawberry, black currant.

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