Easy Greek appetizer "Saganaki"

Easy Greek appetizer "Saganaki"

250 g of cheese TM Shchedryk

1 egg

100 g of wheat flour

1 tsp. oregano

2 tbsp. olive oil

2 tomatoes.


Eve cheese soaked overnight in milk to remove excess salt. Before preparing cheese cut into 8 pieces in the form of small rectangles (approximately 5 to 10 cm and 1 cm thick). Whisk the egg with oregano, cheese dip slices in egg and then in flour. Fry the cheese on both sides in vegetable oil until golden brown. Ready cheese lay out on a dish, alternating with sliced tomato rings (as the Italian "caprese"). The finished snack pepper, add lettuce (combined with salad frieze) and serve. Optionally pour liquid honey.

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