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Cake "Snow Rafaello"

Cake "Snow Rafaello"

5 eggs

1 cup of sugar

¼ cup of flour

1 tsp of baking powder

10 ml of syrup "coconut" or "Almond" TM Shchedryk (you can replace liquor "Malibu")

450 g of cheese mass "Vanilla" TM Shchedryk

120 g of butter TM Shchedryk

310 ml of whole condensed milk TM Shchedryk (280 ml - cream)

1.5 cups of coconut

½ cup of milk TM Shchedryk

1tsp cornstarch

1 cup of roasted chopped almonds


Beat eggs with sugar and syrup (or liqueur), gradually add the sifted flour with the baking powder, knead the dough well. Bake in preheated to 180 degree oven for 30 minutes (Or toothpicks to dry) in previously greased with butter form. While the cake cools, make the cream - beat cheese mass, butter and 280 ml of condensed milk. Add the cream starch, whisk, then half a cup of coconut and well mix. The rest of condensed milk and milk mix until smooth in a separate vessel. Cut the cooled cake and gently saturate his every layer of a mixture of milk and condensed milk. Then spread each layer with cream and sprinkle with almonds. Abundantly anoint cream, remaining sprinkle with coconut. We recommend to decorate the cake with topping Shchedryk, it falls well with pattern and does not spread. By the cake "Snow Rafaello" well suited chocolate topping or "Extrablack chocolate."

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