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«Bird's milk»

«Bird's milk»

1 kg of yogurt without filler 3.5% TM Shchedryk

500 g of yogurt salad 6% TM Shchedryk

half cup of powdered sugar

bar of dark chocolate

4 tbsp of dark cocoa

1.5 sachet of instant gelatin (about 35 g)

Syrup "French Vanilla" TM Shchedryk or sachet of vanilla sugar


Prepare beautiful glasses. Carefully dissolve gelatin in warm water. Mix cocoa, salad yogurt, powdered sugar, chocolate pieces. Take the lesser part of the gelatin, stir well with a finished yoghurt and chocolate mixture. Pour into glasses and refrigerate until solidification. In the sweet yogurt, add 20 ml of the syrup or vanilla sugar. Then stir the mixture together with the remainder of the gelatin and pour into prepared glasses with chocolate jelly. You can decorate with slices of mandarin and mint.

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