Georgian easy soup «Matsvnis»

Georgian easy soup «Matsvnis»

1.5 cups of rice

1 onion

500 grams of yogurt 2.5% TM Shchedryk (or 500 grams of "Snowball" 3.6%)

1 egg

herbs (cilantro, dill or parsley)

a few pinches of sugar

vegetable oil to choose



For a start, boil the rice as you normally would. Finely chopped onion fry until golden brown on butter in a pot for soup. Meanwhile, whisk eggs, adding a little of water, slice greens. add to the onions cooked rice, sour milk beverage and stir. Fill with hot water, adjusting the consistency of the state of the "mess" to "soup." Season with salt and bring to a boil, then add a few pinches of sugar. After a few minutes pour herbs (cilantro best fit) and egg with water (stirring).

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