For milk and dairy products

For milk and dairy products

Use our fillers in:
Drinking yoghurt, yoghurt with fruit and berry jam, whey, curd, glazed cheese curds, milk drinks and cocktails.

Fillers homogeneous

Use fruits and berries, pureed until smooth glossy mass without storing fruit structure, but reproduced natural taste

The glaze

Cooked milk mass with the addition of caramel and molasses paste reproduced with natural flavors.

Fillers homogeneous, heterogeneous and glaze

Used for dessert and glazed cheese curds, milk yoghurt, curd desserts, milk-based drinks. Maximum facilitates the formation of the bar in curds. The number of SAR (30% -80%) and pH (3,5–4,2) from customers.

Fillers heterogeneous

Used selective fruits of fruits and berriesaccordingly the ordered size in whole or in powdered form (particle sizes on request). Fillers have a glossy, appetizing, attractive surface and bright fruit and berry taste. Color — homogeneous. Mass portion of fruit is 20–45%.

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