For ice cream

For ice cream

Use our fillers:
Soft ice cream, commercial ice cream, ice cream cups and tubes, horns and ice lollies, sherbet, fruit ice, ice cream and a laminated granite, in the author’s exclusive ice cream

Fillers heterogeneous

Used selective fruits of fruits and berriesaccordingly due in size of the order in whole or in powdered form (particle size and% content of fruits on request). Fillers have a glossy, appetizing, attractive surface and bright fruit and berry taste. Color — homogeneous that matches the color of berries and fruits, which are made from fillers. Mass portion of fruit is 20–45%. They are used for different types of ice cream, ice cream cake. Applied to the product in the form of tape is fed from above, is added to the basic product mass.


High quality product produced in a combination of concentrated juice, glucose and fructose, prepared water and extracts from natural spices and herbal concentrates. Is added to different types of ice cream for giving color and flavor.

Fillers homogeneous

Rubbed to a smooth glossy mass of fruits and berries without saving the structure, but reproduced natural taste. Used for the production of ice lollies, cones. It is fed into a cream or extruding the mixture. The number of SAR (30% -80%) and pH (2,8–3,5) from customers.

Jams traditional

This product is produced by cooking frayed fruits. Suitable for ice lollies, cones. Ice cream is supplied into like a bar.

The glaze

Boiled milk mass with the addition of caramel and molasses paste reproduced with natural flavors. Apply for filling ice cream bars.

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