Sauce «Plum with spices»

Sauce «Plum with spices»

The classic Georgian sauce "Tkemali" in our special interpretation. This is a selective plum puree + our mixture of spices (parsley, dill, pepper, coriander, pepper and garlic). The sauce is produced to the perfect taste of any meat dishes.


plum paste, glucose-fructose syrup, water, white suger, food salt, spices (parsley, dill, mint, coriander, red pepper, garlic), potassium sorbate.


Storage life

0.5 liter PET bottle (600 g) 12 months at a temperature from 0 °C to 10 °C and 6 months at a temperature from 0 °C to 25 °C

Nutritional value:

Nutritional value

  • carbohydrates 48.47 g

Food value

in 100 g

in 100 g

794.06 kJ
(189.7 kcal)

in a portion (30 g)

in a portion (30 g)

238.218 kJ
(56.9 kcal)


Of course, it will taste the best with Georgian cuisine, especially with lamb (shrimp), shish kebab (mtswadi) and cooked minced meat (lulu-kebab). And even with the bottle of Saperavi or Kinzmaraul... Mhm...

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