No bake cheescake (recipe by Development Manager Mariya Rudomska)

No bake cheescake (recipe by Development Manager Mariya Rudomska)

For filling:

500 grams of cheese "Nadugi" TM Shchedryk

500 g of cottage cheese mass "Vanilla" TM Shchedryk

Bank of condensed milk white Shchedryk TM (600 g)

chopped milk chocolate (100 g)

20 g of gelatin (the sheet may be).

For the base:

500 g soft biscuits (crushed in a blender)

100 g of the melted butter TM Shchedryk

chopped chocolate milk (100 g).


From biscuits, butter and chocolate make weight and tamp it in a sliding a form with a diameter of 23 cm. For the curd mass dissolve the gelatin and mix all ingredients. Optionally, add a tube of vanilla flavor. The finished cheese yummy fill in the cooled base. Put into the fridge to solidification. For all will spend no more than 30 minutes.

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