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Pizza doughon the basis of yogurt TM Shchedryk

Pizza doughon the basis of yogurt TM Shchedryk

350 g of flour

250 g of yogurt TM Shchedryk

1 egg

50 g of butter TM Shchedryk

1/3 tsp. of soda

Salt to taste.


Beat eggs with a little salt in a thick foam. In the yogurt, add soda, pre-quenched with vinegar. Melt the butter and add to the yogurt. Mix the eggs and yogurt and gradually add in the flour mixture, gently stirring until smooth. The dough should get about the same as in fritters - quite viscous, but not so thick that you can deploy as an unleavened dough for pizza. The resulting mixture is poured into a pre-prepared, greased baking dish. The dough needs a little bake, then put your favorite ingredients and bring to willingness.

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