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Cold borshch

Cold borshch

2 cooked beets

2 cooked potatoes

2-3 fresh cucumber

1 bunch of radish

100 g of green onions


2 cooked egg's

Salt, to taste sugar

900 g of yeast 1% TM Shchedryk (2 Pack)

5 tbsp of sour cream or yogurt salad 6% TM Shchedryk


For the preparation of cold borscht finely chop the potatoes and eggs. Grate beets and radishes, cucumbers and green onions also cut. Vegetables mix in a bowl, add salt and sugar to taste. Add sour cream or yogurt, pour leaven vegetables, mix and allow to infuse for 40 minutes borscht. Garnish with greens. When serving, add a half of cooked eggs, if desired.

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