Cottage cheese mass salted 7% with spring herbs

Cottage cheese mass salted 7% with spring herbs

Curd homogeneous mass, based on "Nadugi" cheese with the addition of selected cow cream, salt and fragrant dried herbs.


Albumin cheese, cream derived from cow's milk, salt, spring greens (carrots 21%, 18% dried herbs (chives, parsley, spinach, fennel, celery, basil), sugar, garlic 6,7%, sunflower oil, leaf 1% laurel, black pepper powder 1%).

Packing Storage life
plastic containers of 250 g or weight5 days at t 0-2°C

Nutritional value:

Nutritional value

  • proteins 15.7 g
  • fats 7 g
  • carbohydrates 0.6 g

Food value

in 100 g

536 kJ
(128 kcal)

in a portion (70 g)

375.2 kJ
(89.6 kcal)


In this mass of cheese we used a traditional favorite herbs - dill, onion and parsley. It is a product that perfectly complement your dishes - pancakes, tarts or quiches! Spread the bread with cheese, add salmon, avocado and cucumber. Believe me, this will make the usual sandwich filling gourmet, tasty and healthy snack!

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