«Ricotta» 10%

«Ricotta» 10%

Albumin semi-fat cheese, which is made from whey-based milk of selected. It has a soft white color and a delicate creamy taste, reminiscent only cooked curd, but without the typical acidity. Very soft and has a delicate pleasant aroma and delicate texture compressed.


whey cheese, leaven bacterial.

Packing Storage life
Packaging - 0.5 molds containing about 300 grams of cheese5 days at t 0-2`C

Nutritional value:

Nutritional value

  • proteins 11 g
  • fats 10 g
  • carbohydrates 3 g

Food value

in 100 g

728 kJ
(173.9 kcal)

in a portion (150 g)

1092 kJ
(260.8 kcal)


Ricotta is perfect with fruit, honey, white bread, crackers, jam, or as a snack. Is well neutralizes and completes the taste of spicy dishes. To Ricotta will suit white, pink, or a young red wine. Ricotta is used for desserts and casseroles, traditional Italian lasagna and pasta, as a filling for a sweet and savory pies, and ravioli, and salads, because it goes well with tomatoes and herbs.

Product on Your kitchen

Dietary cheesecakes with Ricotta


Cheese easter bread with candied fruits and cooked yolks


Pasta "alla norma"


Appetizer with salmon and ricotta in cheese buscets


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