Albumin cheese 3%

Albumin cheese 3%

A unique source of protein (18.1 g per 100 g) which was easily absorbed by the human body. Serum is prepared by heating and subsequently compressing clot. Milk white cheese with a cream shade homogeneous or granular consistency.


serum cheese, leaven bacterial.

Packing Storage life
plastic containers of 500 g or weigh48 hours at t 0-6`C

Nutritional value:

Nutritional value

  • proteins 18.1 g
  • fats 3 g

Food value

in 100 g

418 kJ
(99.8 kcal)

in a portion (250 g, daily rate of animal protein)

1045 kJ
(249.6 kcal)


Excellent balance of fat and protein does this cheese unique, irreplaceable in terms of the right foods. It recommended for diet, healthy eating, and as an additional source of calcium for athletes, children, the elderly and pregnant women. Excellent for baking and a protein shake. Eat yogurt with fruit or berries to taste. There will also be delicious to sprinkle cheese with favorite topping from TM Shchedryk.

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