Semi-hard cheese «Rivnenskyy. Agropererobka» 45% with spices

Semi-hard cheese «Rivnenskyy. Agropererobka» 45% with spices

Eliminatory, created with love combination of ferbs and spices in the lovely from childhood cheese is our favorite! Moreover, all spices we shred by the hands to reveal all tastes at the best way.


whole cow milk, skim milk, milk powder, salt, spices (mix of herbs and spices «Spring herbs» (salt, carrot, dried green (parsley, spinach, dill, celery, basil), suger, garlic, oil, bay leaf, ground blak pepper), basil, oregano, paprika red, paprika green, mix of whole peppers «5 peppers» (black pepper whole, white pepper whole, rose pepper whole, green pepper whole, Sichuan pepper whole)), calcium chloride, milk-clotting enzyme preparations, leaven bacterial direct inoculation.

Packing Storage life
vacuum package 200-300 g60 days at t 2-6С.

Nutritional value:

Nutritional value

  • proteins 26.0 g
  • fats 22.5 g

Food value

in 100g

1287 kJ
(307.4 kcal)

in portions (50 g, two medium slices)

643.5 kJ
(153.7 kcal)


Besides cheese with spices can be a completed dish on you table it is a perfect addition for different dishes. The whole mix of spices and peppers complements sauce and baking and something else baked in the oven. Finally let’s be honest: a glass of vine + this cheese = the ideal romantic atmosphere…

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